Noetzie Stories


The main motto for any visitor to a nature area is the simple “Leave only Footprints, Take only Pictures” In South Africa, especially here on the coast, this can mean a very rewarding array of photographs. The recent oil spill…

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Ocean power

Play, Stay

Richard Davies has shared some photos of huge waves at Noetzie yesterday. With the moon waxing towards full, they are predicting large waves again later today. You can always check the local weather here: Good number to have: National…

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Coastal news

Fauna & Flora

Botanists have studied the Cape for more than 200 years but we are still gaining a better understanding everyday. The Gouritz River, near Mossel Bay, is a hotspot of biodiversity as it brings a variety of plants down from the…

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The sight of fishermen, or sometimes just their fishing rods, clambering over the rocks at Noetzie is a common one. You too can enjoy this coastal pastime but rules do apply. You can read more about which permits you require…

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Sun safety


The African sun may be warm and inviting but caution is advised. Bronzing ones self in the sun is not the healthy past time it once was and the safety of sun screen too has come under the spotlight recently….

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That Noetzie feeling

Play, Stay, Updates

A stay at one of the Noetzie Castles or houses is something you do not easily forget. Many people spend their days thinking only of getting from A to B and do not have a chance to just unwind. Looking…

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Times and Tides


Welcome to our new website for Noetzie. We hope that you will find our website informative and that we draw you into the beautiful world of Noetzie. Any visit to Noetzie is a treat but as with all seaside destinations,…

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