That Noetzie feeling

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A stay at one of the Noetzie Castles or houses is something you do not easily forget.

Many people spend their days thinking only of getting from A to B and do not have a chance to just unwind.

Looking out over the sea in the evening as you eat your dinner and later the twinkling of the few lights as you enjoy a drink – the peace is hard to beat.

Here is the back door at Lindsay Castle, bathed in evening light:


The sound of crashing waves and birdsong soothe you and start to draw you away from the “real” world.

A stay at Noetzie is perfect for anyone looking to take a “digital detox”  as there is no cellphone reception, only landline telephones. [Just like the old days 😉 ]

Most of the castles and houses offer internet facilities but who wants to stare at a screen when you can gaze at the ocean or the lagoon with the warm breeze in your hair?

For visitors from outside of South Africa, cooking meat on an open fire while salads are prepared in the kitchen, may not sound like the ultimate family activity.

South Africans already know that not much can beat a braai at the beach, surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

So do yourself and your family/friends a favour and join us soon in Noetzie.