A small world

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“It’s such a small world these days!” is a phrase becoming more common as technology brings us closer together.

But this “small” world still harbours many secrets, especially in the depths of the ocean.

Old legends and stories of sea monsters, whirlpools and mermaids may seem laughable now but many modern discoveries are bring these legends “to life”.

Off the coast of California a marine science instructor spotted a carcass during a dive. It turned out to be a 5m serpent-like Oarfish. The last specimen seen in the area was only 3 feet long! Scientists speculate that Oarfish are the sea serpents of early sailing legends. They are normally only found in the deep ocean and are therefore not often spotted.

With even private explorers now probing the oceans depths with all the modern equipment imaginable, I am sure that many more discoveries await us in the future.

With the threat of climate change and general pollution on our oceans, even common ocean visitors can cause excitement, like the Elephant Seal enjoying some time in Plettenberg Bay. These large and unusual looking creatures were once hunted close to extinction but have managed to recover over the last century. Hopefully they can beat future challenges too.