Rentals available at Noetzie Beach


Craighross Castle is available as a holiday rental

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Noetzie is a unique location for holidaying in South Africa.

One of the Noetzie Castles is available for short term, self-catering holiday rentals from Dav1es Exclusive Holiday Rentals. Renting a castle or house in Noetzie can now be a very straightforward process and should be a ‘Must Do’ on everyone’s bucket-list.

Noetzie is remote, pristine, natural and breath-takingly beautiful, unspoilt and with a long history. Staying at a castle or house in Noetzie can only be described as a magical, truly unique and adventurous experience.

Originally everything for your stay at Noetzie needed to be carried down to the castles on foot or ox cart via the “Old wagon track”. The track wound down the hillside, through the cool forest with the chattering of the red billed wood hoopoes and the cries of the louries, past the lily pond and eventually arrived near the dark waters of the lagoon.

Access  & Parking

Access is now much more civilised but the castle can still only be reached via the public steps and beach so a basic level of mobility and fitness is required. Guests must use the public car park [at the top] or the allotted parking space at the entrance to the beach (around 100m from the castle). We provide a free porter service at the beginning and end of your stay to help you with your luggage. This service can also be requested at other times during your stay if booked in advance and for an additional charge.