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Noetzie Stories

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27 Mar

Another glowing review

Reviews are simply the easiest way for us to share what a stay at Noetzie is really like. Recent guest, Kim from Canada, had this to say: After a few hectic days touring the southern...

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05 Mar

Guest reviews

The Noetzie Experience Noetzie is not overly isolated but it is still a destination which is perfect for just relaxing and enjoying. This is what our past guests have had to say. A group of...

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19 Feb

Keeping you on your feet

The Garden Route offers a wide range of outdoor activities, from daredevil leaps to adventure sport style hikes and climbs to family friendly explorations. A walk in the forest or along a piece of wild...

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12 Feb

Nature news from around South Africa

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21 Jan

Red Tide Warning

Please be advised that SANParks has issued a warning against the collection of shellfish on the Garden Route (especially Knysna) coastline and within estuaries due to the occurrence of "Red Tide" as of 19 January 2014. Richard Davies of...

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11 Nov

Short and sweet

A short and sweet post today. People planning their holiday at Noetzie often ask how busy the beach gets. The trend has been that the beach generally stays quiet and during season it is no...

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21 Oct

Tourism and conservation

Tourism is fantastic. Tourists can bring income into areas without alternatives sources like industry. Tourism can help promote global awareness. Tourism helps promote conservation of natural areas. But the price can be high if the...

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16 Oct

A small world

"It's such a small world these days!" is a phrase becoming more common as technology brings us closer together. But this "small" world still harbours many secrets, especially in the depths of the ocean. Old...