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19 Feb

Keeping you on your feet

The Garden Route offers a wide range of outdoor activities, from daredevil leaps to adventure sport style hikes and climbs to family friendly explorations. A walk in the forest or along a piece of wild...

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11 Nov

Short and sweet

A short and sweet post today. People planning their holiday at Noetzie often ask how busy the beach gets. The trend has been that the beach generally stays quiet and during season it is no...

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21 Oct

Tourism and conservation

Tourism is fantastic. Tourists can bring income into areas without alternatives sources like industry. Tourism can help promote global awareness. Tourism helps promote conservation of natural areas. But the price can be high if the...

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16 Oct

A small world

"It's such a small world these days!" is a phrase becoming more common as technology brings us closer together. But this "small" world still harbours many secrets, especially in the depths of the ocean. Old...

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11 Oct

Quick shots

I had to pop past Noetzie Bay House for some routine work yesterday on behalf of Dav1es Property Management and I took a few pictures which capture the true feel of the exterior and location...

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03 Oct

A motto worth sticking to

The main motto for any visitor to a nature area is the simple "Leave only Footprints, Take only Pictures" In South Africa, especially here on the coast, this can mean a very rewarding array of...

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01 Oct

Sister location – West Coast National Park

Another great destination for lovers of water is the West Coast National Park near Cape Town. Whether you visit the park to take the Eve's Trail and follow the footprints of ancient (wo)man or just...

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04 Sep

That Noetzie feeling

A stay at one of the Noetzie Castles or houses is something you do not easily forget. Many people spend their days thinking only of getting from A to B and do not have a...

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03 Sep

Times and Tides

Welcome to our new website for Noetzie. We hope that you will find our website informative and that we draw you into the beautiful world of Noetzie. Any visit to Noetzie is a treat but...