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11 Nov

Short and sweet

A short and sweet post today. People planning their holiday at Noetzie often ask how busy the beach gets. The trend has been that the beach generally stays quiet and during season it is no...

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21 Oct

Tourism and conservation

Tourism is fantastic. Tourists can bring income into areas without alternatives sources like industry. Tourism can help promote global awareness. Tourism helps promote conservation of natural areas. But the price can be high if the...

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11 Oct

Quick shots

I had to pop past Noetzie Bay House for some routine work yesterday on behalf of Dav1es Property Management and I took a few pictures which capture the true feel of the exterior and location...

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18 Sep

Ocean power

Richard Davies has shared some photos of huge waves at Noetzie yesterday. With the moon waxing towards full, they are predicting large waves again later today. You can always check the local weather here:

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11 Sep


The sight of fishermen, or sometimes just their fishing rods, clambering over the rocks at Noetzie is a common one. You too can enjoy this coastal pastime but rules do apply. You can read more...

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10 Sep

Sun safety

The African sun may be warm and inviting but caution is advised. Bronzing ones self in the sun is not the healthy past time it once was and the safety of sun screen too has...

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04 Sep

That Noetzie feeling

A stay at one of the Noetzie Castles or houses is something you do not easily forget. Many people spend their days thinking only of getting from A to B and do not have a...